Imagery is my life and life is something beautiful.

Mood is created through our senses, let it be healing and inspiring.

About Phoenix

Welcome to Fine Art, Paintings, Prints and Gallery for Phoenix The Moody Artist!           

Phoenix is not moody or brooding, rather The Moody Artist is about creating ‘moods’. The use of bright colors with a sense of wind blowing them across the canvas is the ‘mood’ created.  I love creating a moving experience through painting.  Much of my work has  3-D built-out forms or loaded with texture.

Listening to the music of Jazz, Classical and Folk is the passion energy that creates the images, colors and textures that dance their way onto my canvas.

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Resources and Favorites

Here are the Resources and Favorites of Phoenix, The Moody Artist



Phoenix Shopping Cart for Fine Art, Prints, Greeting Cards, Phone Cases


Sylvia Valentine: Award Winning Nature Photography


James C. Aschbacher’s Folk Art


Donna Blanton: Life-like Portraits and other Beautiful Art

Digital and Social Media Experts:

Debra Simpson is my go-to person!

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