Ever wonder how you can get just the right image for your home or business? Maybe something to cheer you up? Possibly a dream of an adventure you’ve wanted to go on? You envision certain colors to go with your theme, bright or subtle, jewel tones or pastels, textured or smooth, realistic or more abstract or both.

This is how I work with my collectors and clients. We discuss the feeling or mood they want to experience for themselves, or their patients and clients in their place of business.

We let our imaginations merge without limits of style, technique, size, color or theme.
If you see something in my Gallery that you like, but want to customize it somehow; or you want something completely different, let’s do it!

The paintings or photographs that have been commissioned or custom ordered are mentioned here with a brief explanation of it’s origin.
***Dynamic Flowers was commissioned for an attorney’s home, based on her desire for jewel toned flowers and similar to Jazzy Flowers (red) style.
***Passion Flowers was commissioned for a retired professor, also based on her desire for purple and orange flowers and similar to Jazzy Flowers style. This same client has become a Collector of a few other original paintings. She also commissioned a painting ***Ole’ based on Jazz Alive. Their relative is a flamingo dancer, and wanted something just like Jazz Alive (guitar/keyboard), only with just the guitar and the word Ole’ on it.
***Bay Villas was commissioned for a home with a very large wall, and wanted something to convey a relaxing and simple image of a place they imaged to go.
***Freedom 40 Sail-Away was commissioned for a doctor’s home. He gave me the photo of this sailboat he had always wanted. He and his wife have a dream to sail-away to a remote island into the sunset with a ‘green flash’ experience as the sun sets into the oceans horizon.
***Purple Angel of the Lagoon photo was special ordered to the largest size it could be done and still have great solution (24” x 36”) for a collector of Angels. It was printed on metal for a most realistic 3-Dish dynamic image, stunning!

You can tell at the unveiling if someone is truly happy and satisfied with their new original and customized painting based on their vision, or photo image.  I love seeing the smile and glint in their eyes, I aim to please my clients.

Many of the original paintings have been sold, but you can still order a ‘giclee’ or print of most of them. There are also many original paintings still available for purchase, or photographs for special order sizes.

If you have a vision or dream, or just want something beautiful to put in your home or business; please contact me through my Fine Art America or Facebook links, thanks for your time and interest.

Dynamic Flowers

16 x 20″ Traditional wrap canvas. Acrylic. Sold, commissioned by an attorney for home.