‘Moody’ Creative Ideas from Phoenix, The Moody Artist

‘Moody’ Creative Ideas from Phoenix, The Moody Artist

Get Your ‘Moody’ in gear with creative ideas for the coming holidays, special occasions or any time of the year.

Giving is from the heart without expectations of receiving.  Creating is a union between your heart and a ‘free’ mind playing with whatever you have available. ‘Moods’ are developed by the sensory impact of sound, image, taste, touch or smell of something brewing. Get your ‘moody’ in gear for creative splendor and fun.

It has struck me that earlier and earlier we are being commercialized for any and all holidays.  I am already seeing stores with Christmas decorations! We haven’t even had Halloween yet, if you are like me–enough is enough too soon. All year long you can make each day, week or month a celebration without the pressure of ‘sudden’ gift shopping.

Make something special and personal for the people you love and care about anytime of the year.  If it happens to be a holiday time also, make it even more festive with something you’ve put your heart into.  You can use simple things to make something that is store-bought look and be more personal with your own hand-made items, labels or tags.  I have greeting cards, prints and sticker-labels available with original artwork to personalize something special.  See About Phoenix and the Gallery for information and images.

Let’s get you started with one example.  One year I made very simple and inexpensive gifts from my heart personalized to each individual. Use a very nice quality and fairly thick paper (like parchment, not card stock) to make a card.  You can make this a fold-over card or simply all face-up and frame-able.  Consider using a match to slightly burn the edges for impact (or coloring pen, etc.) of creating a ‘mood’ or theme.

Next use a different type or color of paper for the inside (or insert).  Write your own words of gratefulness and appreciation of the chosen person.  Don’t wait to say what’s important and what matters to your relationship or friendship till later, that time may not come.  Either hand write the message, or type it and print it out.   Use a glue stick to adhere it to the thicker outer paper.  Leave space at the top/bottom, or on the sides for your own creative and personal design.

I took some acrylic paint (not to watery or it will warp the paper) and dipped leaves in it that I found in my yard.  Press the underside of the leaf with the paint, then onto the paper in a firm but steady hold to leave an impression of color from the leaf.  Use a different leaf for each dip and image.  You may want to do a couple of sample presses to see what effects you get doing different pressures and with different colors.  Be creative and be unique in your message and card; make it frame-able.  Make it remarkable, memorable and meaningful.

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