What is the Life of Art?

Phoenix, The Moody ArtistWhat is the Life of Art?

Go deep in your Soul — reaching for seeds of primal beginnings to the Life of Art.

What is the Life of Art? It’s a mosaic of Spirits dancing, singing, brushing, playing, drawing, cooking and writing bringing breath into expression. Art has unlimited forms, I’ve only mentioned a few. It starts with an undeniable urge. Sometimes it pops-out and some expressions come lurking out of the dark side of your Soul into the Light. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, they are loaded with Art!

Life of an Artist – my personal experience is ideas bouncing around like Mexican Jumping Beans. Funny how M.J.B’S just jumped on my writing page. I hadn’t thought of them since getting them for my fifth birthday! Anyway, back to Art. The catalyst’s for creation may be from the taste of something bitter. Exotic images may be the birth of wild music. The ease of daydreaming allows slow seeping drainage like sap from a tree and the transference goes willfully to pen and paper, or something creative.

No one escapes Life, it stops for no one. Art is available to everyone. We taste it, eat it, smell it, see it, feel it, touch it, love it, hate it, sense it — it is Life.

Art is in all of us. Life can be raw and crude; beautiful and ugly with relentless challenge. The Life of Art is that which bleeds slowly or gushes like a spring rising up inside our Souls — no permission needed. Life and Art — just IS.

Next time you deny your personal creativity or disclaim you are an Artist, cook it, write it, carve it, strum or drum it — just do something to let it out and let it live! The Life of Art, take a breath and exhale creativity in any form that comes natural to YOU.

Smiles, Phoenix, The Moody Artist

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